Green Jewelry - It's Not Just a Color Anymore!

     Since recycling and eco-friendly living has become an increasingly important part of our lives, we took the time to evaluate what we could do - in our art jewelry-making.  One key area that came to mind was:  “where are our materials coming from.” 

     We have always been aware of, and excited about, a little known PMC® fact:  it’s origin and development was a Japanese quest to recover and re-use the significant quantities of silver used in the film industry.  For Silver Lark Jewelry, the fact that PMC® was derived from international efforts that reduce the earth mining and refining processes of new silver deposits, got us started with the idea of earth-friendly jewelry.  And the PMC® Copper we use is 100% from recycled sources.

     That led to a small line of eco-efficient fine silver jewelry.  Recycled colored-glass in fine silver designs, chosen for unique imprints and designs and for beautiful colors to match what you wear.  And, instead of only sterling silver chains, the offer of Linen and Silk cord necklaces – renewable resources that offer a comfortable and unique "value".

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Eco-Green Jewelry

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