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Silver Lark Jewelry and Crafts is the culmination of many years of work and dreams.  For artist Ginny Norris, her work in the craft world goes back to the late 1970's, managing a small art supply and crafts store.  She matured in the business side of crafting as a Senior Seasonal Buyer for a major East Coast arts & crafts chain.  Even today, some of the semi-precious stones in the jewelry she wears were bought on the streets of Hong Kong and Taiwan during business trips to the Orient.  Her path to "where we are today" became clear around 2003 when she embraced the new techniques for crafting fine jewelry using PMC® - Precious Metal Clay.  The artist can now have unlimited imagination in design -- with an end reality of .999 fine, pure silver jewelry.  Ginny's training and certification, and untold more hours to perfect her craft, led to Silver Lark Jewelry. After completing his military career, Steve spent  14 years in the crafts industry in the management, distribution, and warehousing areas.  He provides dichroic glass fusing and designs for Ginny's work, and handles the necessary business side of things ... so that Ginny's focus can be just the design and crafting of her jewelry.

Silver Lark

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Heart of Conway

June 26-28, 2015

Conway Expo Center

2505 E Oak St, Conway, Arkansas

(An Affair of the Heart added a

new show at Conway, AR)    


All of last year, Ginny underwent major surgery and treatment for Stage IV colon cancer.  We had to cancel all our 2014 schedule.  In Mar 2015, she got a "no cancer" report. We are now building our 2015 show schedule!

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Gallery Location

A selection of Ginny's jewelry at:

Iris at the Basin Park

8 Spring St, Eureka Springs, AR


   Bronze too!

Ginny added copper in 2009 to her handcrafted line of fine jewelry creations. During 2011, she added hand-styled patina on copper pieces. Ginny now has added a selection of beautiful BRONZE pendants, bracelets, and earrings, starting in 2013. Bronze is a really fantastic new addition!

On-line Sales

We have future plans for on-line sales on selected art websites.  Until that time, for custom and special orders, please contact us at:

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Silver Lark Jewelry and Crafts, near Eureka Springs, Arkansas 

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      Ginny designs a wide variety of hand-finished pieces, with a focus on one-of-a-kind and individually crafted pendants, earrings, and bracelets.  Her array of designs, styles, and textured finishes will clearly portray to admirers that you have purchased that truly "one of a kind" piece of hand-worked jewelry.  And ... so important to us ... you know that your choice was a real value.

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